This page is a peek into various collections created and sold from 2012 to 2014 under the label name of

Nyx by Iva Sokovic

Nyx is the ancient Greek Goddess of The Night,  mother of Hypnos and Thanatos, and a figure of exceptional power and beauty.

These collections contained countless other items of clothing and accessories not pictured here, ranging from corporate to evening wear.

The selection of items in this gallery is pretty random, but a common thread connecting them all is the crossover between power dressing and a classical vamp style. Some would even say with a grain of SF.

Nyx is attire for earthly embodiments of the Goddess of The Night –

women who have come to know and savor their nocturnal side.

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Nyx by Iva Sokovic @ Belgrade Fashion Week

Nyx by Iva Sokovic / Video by Kuzmanoski Dragan

33. Belgrade Perwoll Fashion Week,  March 2013

Black Celebration runway show, by top 22 designers in Serbia

Dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Depeche Mode

Each designer shows 2 silhouettes to portray how the band Depeche Mode influenced their personal aesthetic . In my case, Depeche Mode was just vaguely connected to other musical genres that  I like better, so I went full on goth here, although the garments in themselves are pretty versatile and styleable in many other ways.

Designers got to choose one model and one celebrity, so I chose my favorite model Tamara Milovic, and Lena Bogdanovic – a famous actress in Serbia whose beauty I admire. Thanks to dear Dragan for the video.


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