I am a fashion designer from a million city turned recluse.
Per chance or by will, I live a rather quiet and isolated life for the time being,

spending most of my time in the fjords of Western Norway
with very few social influences on my design process.

My early collections were inspired by and made for the vibrant nightlife of a crowded cityscape in Southern Europe.
My most recent collections and other works are made in the tranquil ambience of the magnificent Norwegian nature.
Unburdened by social expectations, not adapted to blend into any specific place,
and most importantly, in almost total absence of the social aspect and its feedback.

What I create is created in complete solitude, and in a way, it is ”who I am when no-one is watching”.

Since you are reading this and obviously watching, here’s some practical info.

I am currently putting together new collections

(for people of any age or gender who want to feel feminine, alluring and immortal)

and working on an online shop which is coming *soon* (very slow fashion indeed),

and will be mostly pre-order as well as digital product based.

If you want to collaborate with me, do not hesitate to get in touch.

( I love collabs and I miss human contact! )

If you are a band/musician, and I happen to like your music,

I might help you out free of charge.

If you want to be informed when my shop is launched,

sign up for my newsletter below.