My Story

Clothes are dreams translated into fabric.

The realm of darkness is vast,

and no one holds exclusive rights to define it.

This is my take on it.

Welcome to the Iva Sokovic style universe.

Everything within its essentially dark borders is here with the main purpose of making the wearer feel powerful.

Iva Sokovic clothes are figure-flattering and designed to make you feel confident.

Tailored to enhance your body through carefully chosen proportions.

Designed to give your mind a potent ground for being the most charismatic you.

Made to shield you as you climb.

Practical, versatile and durable.

Above all, smashing.

Dark and quiet, yet intense.

Nocturnally flamboyant.

I make timeless clothes you will love for years.

I do it my way.



Ethical? Cruelty-free?


But that’s not the point, at all.

It’s even (unintentionally, duh) vegan at times.

I believe those things should be the norm,

and not the focal point of my work.

It does, however, depend on slave labor.