Modern Angels Like Us

Lookbook photos Nemanja Maras / Lookbook model Dajana Perovic



Modern Angels Like Us by Iva Sokovic

is my first author collection presented at Fashion Week Belgrade, AW2011.

The background story that served as an inspiration for this collection is The Snow Queen  by H. C. Andersen, and one of the main female characters, Gerda, who is on a mission to save her loved one’s heart from being claimed by the evil Snow Queen.

I loved how the allegories used in this story translate into our more mundane reality.

My Gerda is a modern angel, pure at heart, but tough and attired for cold weather and spiritual combat alike, in such a manner that one might even think that she is the Snow Queen herself.

As Erasure once said it before,  ”I like to read murder mystery, I like to know the killer isn’t me.”  – a line that comes to mind easily while contemplating this collection.

The color palette includes shades of black and grey, with a hint of silver, due to the dual nature of the main character. (There is one other color present, see if you can find it.)  Although the background story is potentially a fertile ground for loftier visual aspirations, I decided to keep the look and feel of the entire collection in the realm of commercial, wearable and practical.

The power-vamp vein is still present, but even the most intricate pieces are easy to wear and blend in with other  (less predatory :D) styles.


Photos by Srdjan Kalinic (runway) and A-line blog (backstage) by Dunja Jovanovic and Marija Radakovic

AW2011 Amstel Fashion Week Belgrade

Modern Angels Like Us

by Iva Sokovic

 Amstel Fashion Week Belgrade, October 2011

Video by Vanja Milicevic