Intense Blue

Photo: Vladimir Miladinovic Piki |2010

Models: Marina Djordjevic and Marija Djuric


Intense Blue

my graduate mini-collection


The main inspiration for this collection is shibari in terms of patterns and styling, vintage bondage models, and the night sky as the infinite unknown that envelopes both our physical existence as well as the metaphysical one. Night Sky is a recurring motif in my work, as I have always had this fascination with all things nocturnal and elusive.

The crown piece of this collection is the Night Sky jacket, you will recognize it easily. The pattern is based on a concoction of corset patterns from various eras, with a common denominator singled out as basis, a pinch of biker aesthetic and a military uniform feel.  Upon all of this heavy drama pattern artillery, designed to create your perfect armor and ally in nocturnal escapades, rests the Night Sky itself, with its endless silence and mystery. We look to the Night Sky for wonder, we look to it for comfort, we sometimes look at it with dread. The Night Sky is said to hold the answers to our destiny, with its countless lights intertwining and weaving the threads of our life story. This exquisite garment is your sky map. Be it a moment in time or just a hypothesis, customizable to your needs, it holds a combination of pathways and heavenly bodies relevant to your self creation. Be the architect of your own reality in this wasp-waisted transcendent shield!

Other items in the collection include, amongst others, the ”Things you can do with a 7m rope” dress and a hooded bolero with detachable gloves.